U.S. Is Still a Nation of Excess

June 15, 2004 — A unused ponder provides a preview of the nation’s weight issue — and it’s not a pretty picture. More than half of adults are still overweight or obese, and one-third of children is at hazard for overweight or is overweight.

From 1999 to 2002, the number of overweight Americans continued to increment, according to the nationwide study from the CDC. It is published in this week’s Journal of the American Therapeutic Association (JAMA).

“There is no indication that … obesity among grown-ups and overweight among children is diminishing,” writes analyst Allison A. Hedley, PhD, with the CDC. “The high levels … remain a major public health concern.”

Between 1999-2000 and 2001-2002:

Americans were still overweight or obese — 66% — compared with 65% in 1999-2000. The number of obese Americans was too unaltered — 31%. The number of greatly stout Americans was moreover unaltered — 5%.

From 1999 to 2002:

More than 50% of grown-ups were overweight or corpulent; this was true in nearly every age and racial/ethnic group. 28% of men over age 20 were stout across all racial and ethnic bunches. 33% of women over age 20 were obese — but with significant contrasts among racial and ethnic groups. 49% of all dark women were obese, compared with 38% of Mexican-American and 31% of white women. 14% of dark ladies were extremely obese — the highest number of any ethnic/racial gather, whether male or female.

Among children:

30% were overweight or at hazard for being overweight in 1999-2000 versus 32% in 2001-2002. 15% were overweight in 1999-2000; 17% were in 2001-2002. Black and Mexican-American children were at a essentially greater chance of becoming overweight, compared with white children.

There’s no sign that weight in adults and children is diminishing, Hedley concludes.

SOURCE: Hedley, A. Journal of the American Restorative Affiliation (JAMA), June 16, 2004; vol 291: pp 2847-2850.

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